Better Me workbook

Your best life starts with YOU! 

“Because your grandma taught you this way” is not a good excuse to keep quiet, hold in the bullshit, and hope that things change in your life.   How about we all start here with the Better Me Better Life Guide??    Unpack your ish.    Figure out what you were subconsciously taught and how it’s affecting your life.   Determine what you really want from a spouse (whether it’s attention or security).    Identify your true desires as a WOMAN first and a WOMAN with a SPOUSE second.    You. Can. Only. Save. You.    Start here.    Yes, this is my book, my guide, my way of helping you uncover the core of who you are.  We all have baggage we need to unpack and evaluate.  None of us are exempt from growing and becoming better.  When are you going to start unpacking your bags?

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